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Automation, Manipulation, Autonomus devices, Special units, Special services

Welcome to website of the company AMASS Chrudim s. r. o.

The history of Amass Chrudim s. r. o. dates back to the beginning of the 90s, when it began the construction and production of its own production program, namely woodworking machines, single-purpose machines, shearing and forming tools. The supplementary program was custom-made.

We deal with the design and realization of products (devices) in these areas

  • Automation (manufacturing technologies, systems, single-purpose machines, equipment, etc.)
  • Handling (transport of parts, equipment, devices within the technologies, etc.)
  • Autonomous facilities (autonomus turnkey devices)
  • Special units (assembly, welding fixtures, shearing and forming tools, etc.)
  • Special services (development, design, construction work, outsourcing, etc.)

Project services

Our project office processes and proposes solutions for visions and problems in the field of automotive, mechanization in agriculture, in-house transport, shearing tools, tailor-made special units, single-purpose machines.

Activities carried out by the project department

  • Designs, concept projects, feasibility, planning
  • Risk analysis of machinery devices
  • Manuals for the operation and maintenance of machinery
  • Documents for issuing the EC Declaration of Conformity - CE
  • Lists of recommended spare parts, troubleshooting procedures
  • Pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical diagrams
  • Drawing documentation - checking completeness and correctness
  • Testing and commissioning

Design department

Our design office is closely related to projection and production. All knowledge in production, improvements in testing of prototypes or functional groups are immediately transferred back to the virtual 3D environment and to the drawing documentation.

By this close cooperation is ensured maximum flexibility in the realization of the new product in all major life phases of the new product, namely design, construction, production, examinations.

  • Activities carried out by the Design Department
  • Independent development, design of projects according to projection documents
  • Immediate resolution of collisions discovered during validation of construction, production
  • 3D Parametric Modeling in Solid Works 2017 Premium
  • Edit Layouts, Collision Simulation and FEM in 3D Solid Works 2017 Premium

Production, testing

After the design and construction of the new product comes the prototype production phase. Then is started testing and validation phase of the product parameters, which must meet the specifications. Often follow the lifetime tests of the equipment and mechanisms directly in Amass Chrudim, or directly at the customer's plant. The results of the measurements and tests are returned to the product documentation and taken into account for the further production.


To meet the needs of larger orders and series, we cooperate with our suppliers, with whom we have long-term experience. In these cases is the quality at the first place.

Services and service

Amass Chrudim Ltd. provides warranty and post-warranty service of the manufactured units and equipment. The arrival of the service technician is within 24 hours, unless agreed otherwise.

We also perform and provide

  • Technical consultancy, design and consultancy in the field of machinery, units and equipment
  • Development and design roofing of the project from the start-up phase, to the market up to disposal
  • Construction work and outsourcing
  • Manufacture of projected equipment, turnkey products, production co-operation
  • Static assessments of projected structures
  • Elaboration of complete drawing documentation according to the already existing product
  • Risk analysis of projected machinery
  • Conceptual and project work, layout processing


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